Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection by Sure Flow Plumbing

A Sewer Camera Inspection by Sure-Flow Plumbing can assist homeowners in accurately diagnosing drain issues, preparing for bath additions and purchasing a new property.

Sure-Flow Plumbing utilizes state of the art sewer inspection equipment with a color camera.  The color display allows our customers to see for themselves the condition of their sewer system.  If any issues are found, we will provide the depth and location of the problem with a free no-obligation written estimate for repairs.

Many home-buyers are unaware that Sewer Camera Inspection is not included in the standard home inspection.  Having Sure-Flow Plumbing perform a Sewer Camera Inspection, home-buyers can make a more informed purchase decision knowing the condition of the sewer system.  Identifying major repairs or excessive roots before purchase can prevent unforeseen repair costs after closing.

If a customer is considering adding a bath or laundry in the basement, Sure-Flow Plumbing will perform a Sewer Camera Inspection to locate existing plumbing.  Planning placement around existing plumbing reduces demolition and replacement costs.